Training 1: Let’s Get Digital w/ Sophie Thurber (July 30)
Digital organizing offers you an opportunity to develop a strong connection with targeted groups using different platforms. That’s why it’s essential to have a strong web presence and to effectively integrate digital communications into your strategy. In this session, we will review some digital fundamentals and then discuss creative ways to drive meaningful digital engagement. CLOSED.

Training 2: Tell Me a Story w/ Martín Diego Garcia (August 13)
Storytelling is one of the most effective communication tactics to connect with your supporters on an emotional level. However, effectively utilizing storytelling for advocacy takes practice and time. In this session, we will walk you through how to harness personal stories to amplify your message, how to identify the best tools for storytelling capture, and how to set up an internal process for organization integration.
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Training 3: Connecting with Your Members w/ Elena Veatch (August 20)
Connecting with your members is critical this fall and you will need to understand any new state and local election rules and then clearly communicate them to your membership. This session will walk you through how to run a voter education program, including planning for an all vote by mail election and encouraging household voting. 
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