Training 1: Program Wrap-Up Evaluation (December 10 @ 3 PM ET)
Whether you are a non-profit, labor union, independent expenditure organization, issue group, or political campaign, taking the time to evaluate the success of your program is a necessary step for future success. Win or lose, understanding what worked and what did not is just smart business, it can also be the beginning of a future playbook and help centralize everything executed and learned for future efforts. In this training, we discuss setting up a thorough evaluation of your programs to help you gather information and do a deep analysis of what worked and what should be improved for next time. From internal logistics to engaging stakeholders, to what data should be collected, our training will help you answer the questions needed to set up a successful program evaluation. (CLOSED)

Training 2: Lobbying with Jen Covino (January 28 @ 2 PM ET)

Join us for another winter webinar to discuss best practices for virtual lobbying. We’re joined by Jen Covino, an intergovernmental affairs expert, who will talk us through some lobbying fundamentals, virtual lobbying logistics along with opportunities and challenges we’ve seen in 2020. Don’t miss out on this great discussion on how you can level up your virtual lobbying game for 2021. Register here.