Joe Fuld
President and Founder, The Campaign Workshop

Joe Fuld founded The Campaign Workshop in 2009 after having been a partner at MSHC Partners. Joe has produced award-winning direct mail, digital, and creative strategies for a long list of political and advocacy clients, including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, National Nurses United, Defenders of Wildlife, LIUNA, DC VOTE, LGBTQ+ Victory Fund, as well as many other groups, candidates and ballot measures. Before becoming a Democratic political consultant, Joe served as the Northeast Political Director at the DNC in 1996, and between 1991-1995 managed 10 Democratic political campaigns throughout the country. He has been the lead trainer for the Gay & Lesbian Victory Institute’s Candidate and Campaign Training School for over 15 years. He also conducts political and advocacy trainings for many other groups and organizations. Joe serves on the board of the CAIR Coalition and The International Dyslexia Association.

Martín Diego Garcia
VP, Training and Strategic Planning, The Campaign Workshop

Martín Diego Garcia dedicated his entire career to building a more representative democracy. Over the last nine years, he has trained and developed the leadership of thousands of candidates, campaign operatives and advocates fighting to uplift marginalized communities and advance a progressive and inclusive political agenda. Formerly the Director of Strategic Initiatives and External Affairs, at Wellstone Action, Martín focused on key external relationships and stakeholders continuously identifying opportunities for collaboration across all areas of programs and building state and national presence in key movement spaces.

Previously as the Director of Public & Political Leadership at Wellstone Action, Martín oversaw a talented team who provide national support to local and community owed leadership development projects through training, organizing tools, and technical assistance.

Courtney R. Snowden
Seasoned Government Relations Professional

Courtney R. Snowden vast amount of experience from managing strategic partnerships at a tech startup company to having served as the Deputy Mayor for Greater Economic Opportunity in Washington, DC, appointed by Mayor Muriel Bowser in April 2015. A sixth-generation Washingtonian, Courtney was charged with rebuilding and revitalizing overlooked and underserved communities, with a focus on building a world-class workforce system and growing a vibrant small business ecosystem in the nation’s capital.Formerly a Principal at The Raben Group, a premiere progressive public policy firm, Courtney relied upon a wealth of grassroots organizing, electoral, and
policy experience to work for her clients. An accomplished political strategist, Courtney lobbied for the firm’s corporate and non-profit clients, including: Google, MasterCard, Airbnb, the National Urban League, the National Education Association, and Time Warner Cable. Courtney has previously worked for then Congresswoman Tammy Baldwin (D-WI), the Human Rights Campaign, the Gay, Lesbian and Straight Education Network (GLSEN), as well as a number of local, state, congressional and presidential campaigns.

Sophie Thurber
Senior Vice President, The Campaign Workshop

Sophie Thurber became The Campaign Workshop’s first employee way back in the Spring of 2009, and has since produced direct mail, print and digital work for all manner of Democratic campaigns and causes. Sophie has worked for a variety of political and advocacy clients including the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, Defenders of Wildlife, LIUNA, the California Nurses Association, and AFSCME. Prior to working at TCW, Sophie worked at MSHC Partners over the course of the 2008 election cycle. Sophie Thurber has a deep and abiding love of both trashy TV and semi-obscure rock bands. She graduated cum laude from Dartmouth College with a B.A. in government and went on to earn a Master’s degree in political theory from the London School of Economics.

Katie Belanger
Owner, Katie B. Strategies, LLC

Katie Belanger launched Katie B. Strategies, LLC, an openly queer-owned-business run with a strong commitment to equity and representation, in 2015 with the goal of bringing individuals and teams together to design actionable change and make that dream a reality.

Throughout her 20 years of social justice and political work, Katie has worked with nonprofits and for-profits, boards and staff teams, and coalitions and campaigns to align around a shared mission, build robust implementation plans, engage and develop leaders, and deliver real successes to the communities they serve. Highlights from her work include serving as the executive leadership for multiple national and state-based nonprofits; developing a network of statewide, cross-movement, equity-centered coalitions working to counter the abuse of state preemption and strengthen local democracy; developing and refining strategic plans for national and state voting rights and LGBTQ equality organizations; securing groundbreaking legal protections for same-sex couples and transgender individuals in her home state of Wisconsin; and, successfully fundraising for million dollar grassroots campaigns and political campaigns.

Joe Sangirardi
Development Director for California YIMBY

Joe is a LGBTQ activist and professional non-profit and political fundraiser. Joe serves as the Development Director for California YIMBY, California’s state-wide housing policy reform and advocacy organization. Previously, he worked at Human Rights Campaign, the nation’s largest LGBTQ+ civil rights organization, and the LGBTQ Victory Fund, a national organization dedicated to electing queer folks to office. Joe is involved in his local community and serves as the secretary for the Eureka Valley Neighborhood Association, as Membership Co-Chair for the Alice B. Toklas LGBTQ Demcoratic Club, and serves on the Retail Strategy Committee for the Castro Community Benefit District. Joe participated in AIDS/LifeCycle as a cyclist in 2022 and 2023 and he is the founder and former president of his alma mater’s LGBTQ Alumni Club at the University of Oklahoma, where he earned a BA in Letters with a concentration in Constitutional Studies. Joe is passionate about climate change, housing, public transportation, good government, and revitalizing the LGBTQ+ legacy of his chosen home, the Castro.