Grassroots Advocacy vs. Grasstops Advocacy Campaigns

Grassroots and grasstops advocacy are both components of a modern advocacy campaign. We are sharing our take on the difference between the two to help you learn advocacy fundamentals. Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or new to the advocacy space, keeping up with the latest advocacy tactics and terms can be hard. Improve your advocacy campaign tactics now – (Read more…)

Community Advocacy – A Beginner’s Guide

Community advocacy is a powerful way to engage people around you to rally around a single cause. Everyone needs a to-do list, but sometimes we also need a to-don’t list. Read the dos and don’ts of community advocacy to build a community empowerment campaign that makes a difference! (Read more…)

Advocacy Tool: If You’re Not Using Instagram You’re Doing it Wrong

When it comes to moving your audience to care about your cause, storytelling is a powerful advocacy tool. Instagram is one of many platforms that can help you tell your story even more effectively through photographs – live video, stories, and static posts. Learn more about how Instagram can help you raise awareness around your issue at no cost. (Read more…)