How We Train

The Campaign Workshop has created a unique and one-of-a-kind Advocacy Training Program that prepares attendees for the world of advocacy. What sets our training apart is the focus on you and your organization. We keep our trainings to a manageable size, so we can be sure to tailor to the needs and interests of our participants.

Expect to learn a lot, because Martín Garcia, Joe Fuld and our team of gifted trainers will keep you busy for the full two days of the training! But don’t worry, we’ll also make sure there are plenty of zoom breaks and opportunities to meet the other participants.

In our Advocacy Training Program, we’ll lay the groundwork for the basic principles that make for an effective advocacy campaign. We offer a diverse curriculum, covering goal setting, messaging and storytelling, budgeting and fundraising, digital campaigns, lobbying, and more. Our trainers are experts in the field from diverse backgrounds who have used these concepts firsthand in addition to teaching them hundreds of times.

We believe in a layered learning approach to training, because each trainee tends to digest information differently. You can expect personal attention, a collaborative atmosphere, and active learning. Our training will consist of sessions taught throughout the day with an interactive training approach. Group breakout sessions with hands-on exercises accompany each session. The exercises and breakout sessions provide practical experience for attendees so they can become familiar working with the materials and harness new knowledge through practice. The program was started by Joe Fuld in 2017 to help advocacy organizations of all sizes grow their advocacy capabilities. 

After The Training

We like to stay in touch. By attending The Campaign Workshop’s Advocacy Training Program, you’ll also gain access to our exclusive online alumni community. We’ll also touch base with a one-on-one follow-up call to assess your advocacy plans. Our training gives you tools, and our support will inspire you to act.

For more information, please contact us: