Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why should I attend this training?

The Campaign Workshop offers a unique, one-of-a-kind training that goes beyond the basics and provides a hands-on experience for trainees. This intensive, two-day course covers everything you need to build a highly effective advocacy campaign. You’ll learn from real-world professionals who work everyday to build advocacy strategy for groups and organizations. The entire training is built around case studies, meaning you’ll get to learn from past advocacy successes and failures.

What kinds of topics will be covered?

This advocacy training covers a range of topics, including messaging, fundraising, budgeting, digital integration, lobbying, content marketing, and much, much more!  Each session focuses on presenting the latest in advocacy tactics, technologies, and best practices so you can take what you learn to build more effective advocacy campaigns. Our training is also chock-full of breakout sessions and exercises, so you learn both from our skilled group of presenters and from your fellow attendees.

Who should attend this training?

This training is geared toward intermediate to experienced level advocates. At past trainings, we’ve had attendees who are program managers, communications directors, directors of advocacy, and executive directors. We really work to build off of your past advocacy campaign experiences, so we recommend that you have some level of past advocacy experience before attending our training.

How is our training different from other trainings?

On trainings have on average around 30 attendees, so each attendee really receives personal attention. We feature a bipartisan training staff, so you get the latest from a variety of different perspectives. But what really separates our training is that we’ve been building training programs for groups and organizations for decades, so we know what works and what doesn’t. That’s why we use a layered learning approach, as each trainee digests information differently. Our signature exercises and breakout sessions provide practical experience so attendees can become familiar with what’s covered during the sessions and have an opportunity to ask questions.

What are the specific skills I’ll build/knowledge I’ll acquire that I can apply in 2018?

The training will give you real tools tactics and strategies to enhance and build an advocacy program.  These skills will include:

  • Enhanced messaging tactics using a message box, wheel, and triangle
  • Effectively using storytelling in your campaign and how to build and track a storytelling program
  • Using the engagement funnel and learning how to move members from a simple action to a hard one.
  • How to run better programmatic advertising and social media campaigns digitally.
  • Embracing enhanced targeting through voter models and proximity mapping.
  • Goal setting and how to set primary and secondary goals for your campaign
  • Coalition building and how to develop the coalition you want vs. the coalition that you have

Will I be able to ask about a few of my specific issues with the trainers?
Through our layered learning approach, our sessions will have exercises that are designed to develop real skills and allow trainees to get to know each other, learn from each, and solve problems together. There will be many opportunities to work through any specific issues that trainees may have.